What is Canada 2067?

Canada 2067 is uniting Canadians around a new vision for youth STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning.

Why now?

Canada is a global leader in education, but tomorrow will bring with it many challenges. We owe it to future generations to think big, and to prepare them to meet these challenges head-on. We must set ambitious goals for education to keep pace with an increasingly knowledge- and technologically-driven society—especially as other countries vie to do the same.

There is no better time than the present to call for collective action. By doing so, we can help shape and prioritize STEM learning over the next 50 years. We will look towards Canada’s bicentennial in 2067 to ensure this is accomplished, but the time to act is now.

The Challenge?

In a time when most Canadian youth disengage from STEM studies before high school graduation, we need to better prepare them for a future where disruptive technologies and changes in the labour market will reward highly skilled workers.

A grasp of science, technology, engineering and math will allow future generations to develop into critical thinkers, discoverers, entrepreneurs and problem solvers.

How will we meet the challenge?

By developing an action plan and national vision for STEM learning.

By collaborating with policy makers, educators, parents, business leaders, non-profit organizations and youth to ensure their perspectives and feedback are incorporated into the action plan. By having all Canadians who have a stake in education—and that’s everyone—participate in this important conversation.

A first draft of the Canada 2067 Learning Roadmap was released as part of the Canada 2067 National Leadership Conference in December 2017, where a diverse group of stakeholders engaged in a dynamic conversation about the future of STEM learning in Canada. A second round of online and in-person consultations then took place – including the Canada 2067 Youth Summits – and the feedback provided by students, parents, educators, millennials, researchers and other stakeholders has allowed for revisions to the recommendations to ensure they reflect relevant and realistic goals.

The Canada 2067 Learning Roadmap is now available for download. Developed through an unprecedented national conversation where educators, youth, science and community-based organizations, industry, government, and Canadians contributed more than 650,000 inputs and ideas.

What are the potential outcomes of Canada 2067?

To develop a shared vision and to ensure all youth benefit from strengthened education systems designed for the 21st century—a system that will ensure Canadian youth graduate as critical thinkers and informed citizens in a complex world. They will be armed with the skills required to succeed in the career of their choosing.

Implementing the recommendations of the Canada 2067 Learning Roadmap will also support Canada’s commitment to meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #4 – ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all. Learn more about the intersection between Canada 2067 and SDG4.

Our legacy will be one that has inspired the innovators, entrepreneurs, citizens and discoverers who will lead our country forward.