New digital series, Emerald Code, focuses on STEM in school

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Check out the new multi-platform digital series Emerald Code, produced in partnership with Corus Entertainment for YTV, Ubisoft and Let’s Talk Science. With so many Canadian youth disengaging from STEM studies before high school graduation, Emerald Code showcases the importance of STEM and digital literacy and it will underscore the creativity and capacity of youth to tackle interesting real life challenges in inspiring ways!

About Emerald Code (from website):
Simone’s always making things to bring her fun ideas and crazy plans to life. Why not send candy to the whole school by drones, or 3-D print your science assignment? When Simone and her friends, Type-A musician and star student Lana, uber-energetic gaming enthusiast Bevan, and class cutup Jackson, ‘King Of The Meme’—aren’t hanging out in Rowat High School’s MakerSpace, they’re in constant contact on their video chat, ‘Konnect’, in a never-ending group hang. Together, they solve high school problems, make each other laugh – and crack the Emerald Code!