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Parents agree that a strong knowledge and understanding of STEM will give their children skills to succeed.

In fact, three-quarters of parents say most or all jobs of the future will require at least a basic understanding of math and science. Furthermore, half of parents (51%) say that in the next 15 years jobs in Canada will require even more science training and education than they already do today.

Why do parents feel so strongly about this?

Three-quarters say STEM can help prepare students to become tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs. Some 69% of parents believe a stronger emphasis on STEM education is necessary to equip future generations with 21st-century skills, such as problem-solving and critical thinking.

Many students take time to figure out their paths, and may not equate the STEM they are learning in school with long-term career implications.

It’s vital for parents to listen to and acknowledge those feelings. But parents also see connections that their children might not. Parents can be supportive too by reinforcing that a STEM foundation is essential, regardless of their child’s current career interests. To that end, some 70% of parents say it’s important for children to have STEM education, even if they aren’t currently interested in a job in those fields.

These parental views make one thing clear: STEM engagement does more than just teach students numbers, facts and scientific equations—it helps prepare the next generation to make a positive difference in the world.

Source: Spotlight on Science: Exploring Parental Influence