Spencer Turbitt

Spencer TurbittChief Executive Officer, Apotheca

A life-long entrepreneur, Spencer’s entrepreneurial journey began at a young age with lemonade stands and hustling products he purchased in bulk for a profit while growing up in Owen Sound Ontario. He spent the first two years of university running his own successful painting service franchise through College Pro Painters, grossing over $275,000 in sales in two summers of operations. During his last two years at school, Spencer co-founded a pharmacy software company, iApotheca Healthcare, which provides innovative products to pharmacies around Canada and the US. Having finished his undergraduate degree in April 2015, he currently works at iApotheca as CEO and Director, and splits his time between Toronto and Vancouver.

Spencer feels passionately that the most important set of skills an entrepreneur can have is their ability to genuinely network. He ultimately wishes to be remembered as an individual who enabled and aided everyone around him along their paths to success. He’s adamant about gaining value and learning through every experience. Spencer embodies these values by providing advice, mentorship and guidance to aspiring Canadian entrepreneurs.