Regional Youth Events

Between October 2017 and April 2018, Canada 2067 is conducting a series of one-day Regional Youth Events for Grade 9 and 10 students in Western, Central and Eastern Canada.

Each event will bring together approximately 200 students from the region to help shape the Canada 2067 Learning Framework and explore the future of learning, innovation, discovery and work.


The day-long events features:

  • STEM Talks from youth and professional speakers
  • Breakout groups of students collaborating in a STEM related challenge

Each event will kick-off with STEM Talks – a series of dynamic speakers of all ages who will each deliver short pitches about the future of their field with the goal of captivating the audience and inspiring them to imagine new career possibilities. These speakers will be livestreamed online for students and teachers tuning in across the country.

Following the STEM talks, participating students will be divided into smaller working teams to collaborate, create and design solutions to challenges related to STEM education. Student participation in the workshops will generate student-centric solutions and insights that, along with other voices from the community, will shape the vision and action plan for the future of STEM learning in Canada.

The STEM talk speakers are a collective of individuals representing some of the many fascinating careers that exist in the world of STEM. Each Youth Event will feature unique speakers from that region of the country, discussing their field and career paths. The more variety the better!

Click here to see the full list of speakers at the 2017 youth events in Vancouver and Toronto.
Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the dynamic speakers inspiring audiences at the Montreal and Calgary events:


  • Moderator – Marie Grégoire – Political and society commentator – Les Ex – ICI RDI and Gravel Le matin – ICI Premiere
  • Dr. Mona Nemer – Chief Science Advisor, Government of Canada
  • Dr. Liam Paull – Assistant Professor, Université de Montréal
  • Rosemary Seton – Research Associate and Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator, College of the Atlantic – Allied Whale
  • Jamie Sevigny – Engineer, Project Management, CSA
  • Arnaud Lina – Director, Research & Innovation, Matrox
  • Elie Harfouche – Founding President at Game Dev McGill
  • César Correa – Principal Advisor, Data Science – Rio Tinto


  • Robert Thirsk – Retired Astronaut, Chancellor – University of Calgary
  • Sophie Hoye Pacholek – Youth Speaker, Emerald Code: Decoded, Young Scientist
  • Winnica Beltrano – Youth Speaker, Founder & Executive Director, Project Pulse Winnipeg
  • Mac Smith – Youth Speaker, Emerald Code: Decoded
  • Jessica Vandenburge – Director of Enforcement & Permits, Apega
  • Warren Bills – Digital Farming Business Development, Bayer Inc.
  • Rahul Arora – Youth Speaker, STEM Fellowship
  • Rameez Virji – Youth Speaker, Software Developer, Vendasta
  • Brittany Marchand – Pro Golfer and Chemical Engineer
  • Bindu Suri – Moderator – Global Calgary News Anchor

St. John’s

  • Dr. Meghan Burchell – Assistant Professor, Department of Archaeology Memorial University
  • Adam Viscount – Engineer, Hibernia Management & Development
  • Isabelle Tremblay – Director, Astronauts, Life Sciences & Space Medicine, Canadian Space Agency
  • Hilda Broomfield Letemplier – President, Pressure Pipe Steel Fabrication Ltd.
  • Tenai Norman – Director, Gear-Up Safety Solutions
  • Rachael Brouwer – STEM Decoded
  • Anthony Germain – Moderator – CBC News: Here & Now
  • Emily Bland – Youth Speaker – Seed-EO, Project Sucseed
  • Megan Coles – Youth Speaker –Skills Canada National Gold Medalist

Canada 2067 is partnering with school boards across the country to engage principals and teachers in the Youth Events in their region. Participation can take place in person at the events and online via livestream.

In order to participate in person at the events, students will be nominated by their teachers and represent criteria such as:

  • gender, ethnicity (Canadians and newcomers), socio-economic background and modes of accessibility
  • diverse backgrounds, and with unique interests that extend beyond STEM
  • leadership and community/school involvement

These events will encourage multidisciplinary thinking, engaging students to share their creative solutions and foster new ways of thinking.

For more information or to find out how you can support Canada 2067:

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Can’t attend in person?

Have no fear. Select portions of the agenda will be livestreamed. Stay tuned for more information.